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Exfoliating Tan Removing Brightening Foot Scrub

This is one of most very effective simple and easy remedy to brighten and lighten your dark tanned Feet. This remedy is called exfoliating tan removing brightening foot scrub. Let't start to make foot scrub:

Removing Brightening Foot Scrub

Ingredients that you need: 
  1. Milk cream – Milk is fortified with Vitamin A, D and E that help detoxified the skin and make it luminous. And especially the fat in milk moisturizes dry rough feet an tone the skin.
  2. White sugar – You can also use brown sugar, it gives silky polishing finish to the skin.
  3. Organic Coconut Oil –Coconut oil moisturizes and conditions your feet.
  4. Oats –Oats is natural cleanser and skin lighter, it help remove dark tan skin cells and putting the oats keep your feet soft and smooth.
Removing Brightening Foot Scrub

Take clean bowl and take ¼ of oats powder, ad ¼  cup of sugar, ad two tea spoon on coconut oil, and ad mil cream around two table spoon. Mix it well to get thick scrub like consistency. Your exfoliating tan removing Brightening Foot Scrub is ready.

Removing Brightening Foot Scrub

How to use

Take generous amount of scrub massage and exfoliate your feet two to four minute in a circular motion. Concentrate more on to the darker area of your feet. Tiny impressive particle and this exfoliater remove dead dark skin cells without drying out your feet. After that wash off your feet with ice cool water so this will keep your feet moist supple and refresh. 

Removing Brightening Foot Scrub

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