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Organic Face Wash for Remove Pimples, Acne, Scares and Spots

These very simple easy and extremely effective chemical free homemade faces wash Remedy that will help you get rid of existing acne pimple scars spots and will help you reveal a clear skin. So let’s get started, ingredients that you need for face wash cream:-

 for Remove Pimples, Acne, Scares and Spots

  1. Organic Green Tea (grained the green tea into fine powder) – it is great exfoliate it gently removes your dead skin cells and it has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that control acne and pimples help to get rid of scars and spots.
  2. NEEM Powder – it hast antiseptic, anti fungal, antibacterial and antibiotic properties that helps cure acne and pimple. It contains fatty acids that cure acne scars.
  3. Tea Tree Essential oil – this is magical oil for acne porn and oily skin, it reduces sebum secretion. This oil has powerful anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that useful for treating acne pimples.
  4. Organic Honey – it is excellent exfoliate for all types of skin even for dry and sensitive skin. It has antioxidant anti fungal and antibacterial properties that draws out impurities from the skin it prevents breakout and cons inflammation.
  5. Vitamin E Skin oil – it has great antioxidant it moisturizes the skin and illuminates pores and scars.

for Remove Pimples, Acne, Scares and Spots

Prepare and Use –
First take clean bowl and take 2 tablespoon of honey add small a tablespoon of NEEM powder, a small teaspoon of green tea powder, and around 4 to 5 drops of Vitamin E skin oil and 2 drops of tea tree oil. If you have dry or sensitive skin you can skip to ad tea tree oil and combined all the ingredients to get fine consistency.

for Remove Pimples, Acne, Scares and Spots

To use these ingredients, first wash your face with lukewarm water and just take small amount of this face wash on palms and gently rub both your hands together and massage all over your face and neck in a circular motion for one minute and then wash off it with cool water. This face wash makes skin glow its fight existing pimples and acne and illuminate spots scars and gives your skin clear.

Use this regularly to see visible difference. So I hope you find this remedy useful and don’t forget to share with your friends. 

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