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Secret Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

Anti-Aging Skin Treatment
Hello my readers, today i want to give you my another amazing secret Anti-Aging Skin Treatment remedy. This is natural home made facial oil recipe to reduce age line, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and lifts loose skin.

To prepare this facial oil that you need:

anti-aging skin treatment

Organic coconut oil - it is rich in vitamin A E and proteins that promote the production of collagen, supports the formation of new skin cells and prevent wrinkles and repair damaged skin.

Wheat Germ oil - This is one of the Natural powerful Anti-Aging oil, it revitalizes and repairs the skin. This oil contains vitamin A E proteins, minerals and antioxidants that fight with all your several aging problems such as wrinkles, loose skin and other signs of aging. 

Glycerin - It is Natural Humectant, that helps moisture in the skin and help to reduce h-line and wrinkles. 

Vitamin E capsule - Vitamin E capsule helps erase fine lines and age spots. 

Essential Oil - You can use any citrus essential oil, Orange or grapefruit is best Anti-Aging essential oil. It helps delay the formation of lines and wrinkles. (Optional)

One clean bottle to store your Anti-Aging oil

Note: Those who have Oily skin skip the Glycerin and use two drops of Honey.

How to prepare Anti-Aging skin Treatment Oil : 

In a small bowl take ad three tea spoon of coconut oil, ad two tea spoon of Wheat Germ oil, ad half tea spoon of Glycerin, ad one vitamin E capsule and finally ad two drops of Orange or grapefruit essential oil. Now mix it thoroughly and pour this into a clean bottle. Your anti aging oil is ready to use.

Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

How to Use Anti-Aging Oil :

Before apply this oil wipe your face with warm water with the help of cotton boll. This helps open up the pores and helps quick and better absorption of the nutrients contains in this anti-aging oil.

Put few drops of oil in your hand and apply on your face, give smoothly massage with your finger in a circular upward motion. Starting along the Nose chicks neck forehead and gently around your eyes. Massage for about 2 to 3 minutes. This luxurious formula observe quickly it  gives nourishes and re-generates real mature your skin. That's making your skin incredibly soft plump smooth radiant.

Anti-Aging skin Treatment

The best thing about this Anti-Aging facial oil is that is has a good self life, You can store it for about 4 to 5 months at room temperature. Use it regularly twice in a day, once before taking a bath and at night before bed time.

Try this gorgeous Anti-Aging Facial oil and share your results with us and also like and share with your friends.

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